Economic Development Unit : Moorabool Shire Council


Moorabool Community Broadband and telecommunications strategy

The Moorabool Community Broadband and Telecommunications Strategy involved engagement with key stakeholders and community members. This work drew on a comprehensive understanding of the state of ICT integration and its use in regional and rural areas. The collection of evidence and data from the Moorabool Shire was done at several levels.

Round tables

In order to gain a good overview of current levels of adoption and integration of ICT in businesses and communities, various business and community sectors were provided with the opportunity to be represented at round table meetings. The round tables assisted in identifying the key issues and in providing opportunities for the awareness and responses of the online survey to be raised.


As this project progressed, opportunities for key interviews and exchanges were identified.

Case studies

Local ICT successes were profiled through a series of case studies which formed part of the strategy outputs.

Online Survey

The online ICT survey results and information provided an evidence base to support future planning and development at the local and regional level.  To access the online ICT survey click here.

Final report

The final report brought together and draw upon all of the analysis and consultation that made up the components of this strategy. The report provides an action framework to support future actions for the Moorabol Shire which can be integrated with other local economic and community development strategies.